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Built with Indexhibit, 2017, 22x16.jpg of 3[glass house]2016.jpg of 3 [glass house]2016.jpg of 3 [glass house]2016.jpg, OrgBl, 2016, o-c, 22x16, S.jpg, BlBlk, 2016, o-c, 22x16, S.jpg, RdPnk, 2016, o-c, 22x16, S.jpg, Fbid, 2015, o-c, 22x16, S.jpg, 2015, o:c, 64x48.jpg ptgs, 2015-16, each 22x16.jpg*Dots, aquatint, 2015.jpg*Silver, aquatint, 2015.jpg*Green, aquatint, 2015.jpg, 2015, o:c, 22x16.jpg, 2015, o:c, 22x16.jpg 2, 2015, 22x16.jpg, 2014, o-c, 22x76, 4parts.jpg,RedPnkWht,2014,o-c,22x16.jpg Light.jpg, 2014.jpg, 2005, 40x30.jpg, 2014, o-c, 54x40.jpg, 2014, o-c, 22x16, .jpg, 2014, o-c-w, 22x16 .jpg,GryWhtBox,2012-14,o-c,22x16.jpg, 2012, o-c, 22x16.jpg, Combo2,2014,o-c,48x68,4parts.jpg,Combo1,2014,o-c,72x120 triptych.jpg Cameo.jpg, Combo3,2014,o-c-w,32x20,diptych.jpg,2013,o-c,22x16.jpg,WhtHouse, 2014,painted frame photo,12x9_5.jpg,GrnPinkHouse,2014,painted framed photo,17_5x13_5.jpg, 2012,o-painted framed photo, 12 x9 1:2.jpg,2013,o-c,28x20,dip.jpg,09,o-c,45x40.jpg Line, 2005, o-c, 60x48 copy.jpg Bag, 1994, o-c, 90x45.jpg,1995,o-c,80x60.jpg White Tent, 1990,o-c, 66x60.jpg Table, 1990, o-c,108x48, dip.jpg
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